Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Livit Ecosystem Terbaru di Gianyar Agustus 2017

Info Loker Lowongan Kerja Devops Engineer
Tanggal 6 months yang lalu
Perusahaan Livit Ecosystem
Kota Gianyar

Info Terbaru Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Gianyar Agustus 2017 di Livit Ecosystem. Salam Sejahtera untuk sobat yang sedang mencari pekerjaan. Semoga tidak putus asa untuk mencari pekerjaan yang pas dengan kualifikasi Anda. Memang terkadang mencari pekerjaan yang pas sangatlah susah di tahun 2017 ini. Pada kesempatan ini admin akan memberikan info Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Gianyar Agustus 2017 di Livit Ecosystem. Berikut ini info lebih detail mengenai Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Gianyar Agustus 2017 Livit Ecosystem.

Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Gianyar Agustus 2017 Livit Ecosystem

Berikut ini adalah deskripsi kerja yang harus Anda penuhi untuk mendaftar Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Gianyar Agustus 2017 Livit Ecosystem yang dibuka pada 6 months yang lalu ini:

About Labster

Your Mission
The ideal applicant will have seen ops and code management done before and be itching to do it the right way. You are passionate about working on Open Source software and excited about using technology to transform higher education.
You will be the primary operations and release engineer on the team. In addition to being an open-source platform used by others, we are running a live site used for real classes. We need help running that site well which includes both strong uptime and great performance while changing rapidly.
As the release engineer, you will also be responsible for keeping our system deployed with our latest code base. We track edX master closely but diverge when we need to. We are looking for an engineer to build tools to minimize manual merging, and to highlight gaps that come up quickly.

Design, setup, maintain and monitor cloud Open edX infrastructure on AWS: production, staging.
Release Management.
Setup CI services for Open edX and other software.
Infrastructure and monitoring automation; making sure that instances are efficiently provisioned and resources utilization is maximized.
Support the production edX platform: debug production issues, be available on-call (not all the time).
Making sure that teams are not blocked on infrastructure requests.


Experience with infrastructure automation tools. We use Ansible, Docker and Fabric, but experience with other tools like Puppet and Chef are useful.
Strong knowledge of UNIX/Linux, especially in virtualized environments such as AWS or VMware;
Familiarity with managing cloud infrastructure. We use AWS.
Experience with running reliable production databases. We use MySQL and Mongo.
Experience using CI tools, like Jenkins/Travis/TeamCity/Circle CI
Knowledge of the tech stack: Python/Django, Nginx, Celery, JavaScript, Ruby, MySQL, MongoDB, Cloud hosted at Amazon: EC2, RDS, S3 , Jenkins, Ansible, Fabric, Git
Strong systems administration skills. You know what an upstart script is and have opinions about the right way to manage distributing runtime secrets to machines.
At least three years experience of maintaining live infrastructures.


A competitive salary based on your qualifications and experience
Regular coaching and training with focus on personal and professional growth
Relocation package
A fun and challenging opportunity to work for an exciting company with NO DULL CORPORATE LIFESTYLE.
You will also receive stock options in the company on top of your salary

About Labster
Labster is a next-generation education technology company that develops a platform for teaching science to University and High School level students. Our team of approximately 55 passionate and dedicated developers, marketers, content writers and account managers are located in Copenhagen, Bali and Zurich.
Why is our product so successful?
By integrating an engaging virtual 3D world built with Unity3D and combining it with a science laboratory with theoretical materials and quizzes, we are able to push the boundaries of modern education solution to deliver the best possible learning tool to students around the world.
Who uses Labster?
Countless top universities around the world are already using our products – among them Stanford University, UC Berkeley, The Technical University of Denmark and Hong Kong University. At Labster we strongly believe that future innovation in science will contribute to solving major global challenges, such as climate change, the energy shortage, as well as diseases like cancer or diabetes.
In order to achieve this, we strive to inspire thousands of students all over the world to study science and eventually create innovative solutions for the challenges we face today.

Hanya kandidat yang memenuhi syarat di atas yang akan dipanggil untuk melakukan interview. Untuk itu jika Anda berminat dan memenuhi peserta Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Gianyar Agustus 2017 Livit Ecosystem di atas, silahkan kirimkan lamaran Anda sebelum closing date.

Demikian kabar Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Gianyar Agustus 2017 Livit Ecosystem yang dapat kami sampaikan. Semoga info lowongan kerja hari ini membantu Anda sekalian yang sedang mencari pekerjaan. Jika Info lowongan kerja di atas tidak pas dengan spesialisasi Anda, tidak ada salahnya untuk membaca informasi lowongan kerja lainnya di bawah ini. Akhir kata kami ucapkan thank you sudah mengunjungi website ini, jangan lupa untuk membagikan informasi bermanfaat ini melalui facebook. Selamat mencari kerja dan berkarya!

Jika sahabat berminat mendaftar Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Gianyar Agustus 2017 Livit Ecosystem, segera siapkan persyaratan dan dokumen yang dipersyaratkan untuk mengisi Lowongan Kerja DevOps Engineer Gianyar Agustus 2017 Livit Ecosystem tersebut. Silakan klik tombol "Kirim Lamaran" di bawah ini.

  Perhatian :

Cari Loker 2017 tidak memungut bayaran atau pungutan apapun kepada pencari kerja melalu website kami ini. Apabila ada perusahaan yang anda temukan meminta anda untuk membayarkan sejumlah uang, segera hubungi kami. Begitu pula Lowongan kerja di atas mungkin saja sudah tidak valid atau kadaluarsa atau ditutup pendaftarannya. Untuk itu selalu lakukan cross check terlebih dahulu pada perusahaan terkait untuk mengetahui ada atau tidaknya lowongan kerja. Cek lokasi perusahaan untuk membantu menemukan alamat perusahaan.

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